Mary-Claire Marshall's Appointment Availability

Please select an appointment time below to schedule. My office hours are Tuesday-Friday, 7:30am-5pm. If you need a personal counseling appointment on a Monday or you have a primarily academic concern, please schedule with Anna Meherg by e-mailing her at If an appointment time you need is unavailable, please e-mail me at to see if I can do a temporary work-in appointment. My office is located downstairs in the Student Success Building behind Weaver Hall, in the hallway to the right. You may have a seat in the waiting area in the hallway if I am in session and my door is closed. If you need immediate assistance please call 251-442-2639 if during office hours or e-mail me at if after office hours. If this is an on-campus mental health emergency please call security at 251-510-4273 or dial 911.

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